Technology as a useful “tool”

Compet-e makes available for its customers all the technological skills which it has acquired in its workshop where products are manufactured and specific projects are completed based on the requirements of its various clients.

Selection and updating of staff are fundamental in order to guarantee an excellent level of service which can meet its customers’ requirements over time. This is why Compet-e, over time, has established a work team which covers needs related to the most widely used technologies and able to operate within different project settings.

Therefore Compet-e is able to implement projects or sub-projects in a completely independent way (on a turnkey basis), to work as part of larger teams, as well as making available dedicated human resources to meet the customer’s specific day-to-day requirements.

Compet-e has a wide range of consultants and professionals to cover all needs in terms of assessment, project management, technical and functional analysis, as well as programming and development. We have also made a choice with regard to the technologies available in order to meet requests associated with the most widespread tools for data development and management (Java,, …, Oracle, Sql Server); moreover we cater for niche requirements where it is more difficult to find resources (which might prove essential in order to maintain or re-engineer specific applications) including, for example, Unify Gupta …


Main development environments
Java | (C#, | PHP | Unify Gupta Sqlwindows

Main Data base
Oracle | SqlServer | DB2 (on mainframe, AS400 and UDB) | MYSQL | Unify Gupta SQLBase

Main tools
CA Erwin E-R data modelerquest Toad Date | Modeler BPM Cdevworkflow