The privacy and the birth of the company

Since its birth, Compet-e has invested on the issue of privacy and data security by building a team of professionals able to support companies in the entire process of management of regulatory compliance by safeguarding the interest Customer’s primary goal, i.e. the achievement of their business goals.

The mix of services and solutions proposed by Compet-e make it possible to respond to legal obligations by minimising operational and economic impacts , guaranteeing full compliance with the legislation, reducing the risks of non-conformity, penalties and As a result of loss of image towards the market.

Over the years Compet-e has carried out projects and provided consultancy services to companies belonging to different sectors (industry-mechanics, electronics, food, chemistry), service to the person-public and private health, welfare services, houses of Rest, insurance, Utilities, PAL-Municipalities, regions, business services, professional studios.

The training is continuous.

By constantly investing in the professional and regulatory updating of its Compet consultants and guaranteeing a level of service that is always up to date with the state of the art; Today, within the company structure, there are figures in possession of the TUV Data Protection Officer, Privacy Consultant & Auditor (according to ISO scheme IEC 17024:2003), able to answer the requests of New European legislation in the field of privacy (GDPR).

The services

Compet-e offers a full range of services able to meet the different needs in the field that each company must meet:

  • -Consulting and assessment
  • -Outsourcing of the privacy service
  • -Privacy Officer (outsourcing service)
  • -Audit

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