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GDPR, the new European Privacy Regulation

On 14 April 2016 the European Regulation on the subject of Data Protection was finally approved. The new regulation has replaced the Directive 95/46/CE (Privacy) on the subject of personal data protection and will come into force on 25 May 2018.

This regulation introduces a set of innovations with regard to obligations, rights and subsequent risks which are relevant for companies both from an economic viewpoint (sanction up to 4% of its worldwide turnover) and in terms of reputation (possible consequences of an IT incident which might jeopardise the integrity or confidentiality of data). Therefore, companies are now expected to meet the following new demands:

  • make the business transparent and accountable  (thus reducing of the risk of sanctions);
  • make sure that the organisation model is constantly updated and suitable;
  • reduce the costs and subsequent organisational impacts., the solution for large companies

In view of the new European regulation on the subject of privacy, in close collaboration with our partners in GDPR.NET, we have created the GDPR Module.

This module supports companies and organisations throughout the procedure management process by:

  • guaranteeing that their compliance model is as efficient (overall cost reduction) as it is effective (suitable, updated and accountable);
  • allowing for automated low added-value activities;
  • engaging and empowerment of all stakeholders.

This solution is also a factor which facilitates the possible certification mentioned by GDPR thanks to what is known as “risk-based” approach and compliance with the relevant standard regulations (EU 2016/679, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO/IEC 29100).

It is a modular solution, which means that its configuration can be based on the management model used by each organisation.

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Are you an SME?

We have the right GDPR-compliant privacy solution for you!

CORA GDPR has all the functionalities of it “older brother”, which have been simplified and adjusted to the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises.

It is a streamlined and user-friendly solution which will allow you to comply with the new European Privacy Regulation, saving efforts and resources.

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