Consulting and Business Intelligence

Compet-e offers solutions and support with a view to helping companies make the best possible use of their resources and information, by safeguarding their investments in technology and organisations over time.
Its Business Intelligence and consulting tools are the main means to turn into reality the concepts of “business enhancement” and “information use”, at the same time safeguarding the investment that have been made.

Compet-e has decided to invest in the area of business intelligence by working on several platforms, including QlikView and Tableau. Based on the experience gained, Compet-e has created a specific working method and identified technologies which can guarantee the successful outcome of projects and rapid return on investment.

We cover various development sectors.

Compet-e has supported its clients in the implementation of Business Intelligence projects with companies from several sectors (Banking, Health, Industry, Utilities) by creating tools which include the following: management dashboards, sales analysis dashboards, indicators in the area of management and production control, data and event analysis in the compliance and data security area, risk analysis dashboards.

Based on the relevant settings Compet-e is able to manage the project in a completely independent manner or to work as partner within larger projects and/or supporting the client’s IT structure by just providing the specific support required.