Assessment and Gap analysis

Assessment and Gap analysis

Assessment/Gap Analysis is a service aimed at assessing the distance (gap) between the real situation and any regulation, law or set of requirements, by means of a comprehensive analysis of the standard involved.
The output of this service is a detailed description of the missing elements to fill this gap.

A comparison is made between the current positioning (as-is) and what the client is looking for (to-be) in respect of best practices in the industry, voluntary standards, laws, in-house objectives, client requests.

We cover several application areas.

The Gap Analysis service is a fundamental requirement for GDPR implementation because it allows for an in-depth analysis of the necessary activities and instruments to fully comply with the relevant standard.
Consideration needs to be given not only to technological/IT security aspects, but also to contracts/regulations and as a consequence to all the procedures which will not be repealed with the new European Regulation having come into force, but on the contrary will constitute its foundation (System Administrator Logs, ISO27001, Minimum Measures for PA offices, etc.…).

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