Technology as a valuable tool

Compet-e stands for “Competence Center”, that is to say foregrounding the knowledge of topics using technology as a valuable “tool” to improve your business.

Compet-e provides solutions to help companies streamline their use of resources and information, safeguarding their investments and organisation over time.

Compet-e, ever since it was established in 2000, has always focused on issues related to privacy and data security, creating a set of solutions (privacy management, management of the collection of logs related to system administrators, an appropriate procedure for anti-money laundering inspections) which it distributes directly at local level and via partners throughout the country. All our solutions (CORA GDPR, CORA ADS and CORA AML) have scalability characteristics which make them ideal for a wide range of company structures (both in terms of size and business area); as a consequence, today, the user base of Compet-e solutions includes large companies (public or private), local government offices (hospital trusts, local health units, municipalities, regions), as well as a number of small and medium-sized enterprises.



The Compet-e team consists of several professionals, with a view to guaranteeing both technological competence and the necessary domain competence to implement and manage IT solutions which can actually solve problems and guarantee effectiveness and efficiency for the companies using them.
To date there are over 300 installations of its applications, which is a concrete result, and paves the way for further growth on a market which is expected to become cross-border.

A strong partnership with TESISQUARE® (which has translated into a shareholding in the stock capital of Compet-e Srl) provides us with a further growth tool on the market; it also allows us to make available for our customers a product suite is available to cover a whole range of requirements in the Governance Risk & Compliance sector.

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